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Magnor's Shock Wave Bird Control System is built from   HDPE-UV stabilized, conducting the voltage exiting from. the central unitthe switchboard is controlled by an advanced electronic processor.

The processor controls the pulse structure of the voltage, its strength, frequency and automatic accord to changing conditions, such as: humidity levels, day-night etcThe rhythm of the exiting pulses changes randomly, so that pigeons cannot study it or get used to it.
Pigeons have recoil memory of unpleasant places.

After encountering the pulse they will move away, not before marking the place as hostile and unpleasant
The Bird Control System fits all types of roofs, window sills, balconies, AC covers, warehouses and solar systems.
System Advantages
No poisons or pesticides: the pigeons are controlled using only electronic and electric elements. That which is lethal for pests will hurt humans as well, children and pets primarily.

No spikes: pigeons and birds are stubborn creatures, and will stay on the spikes despite self-inju.
No nets: which are impossible to use in places such as roofs, pergolas etc.
The electronic system is programmed for long term activation, providing the customer with continuous prevention, keeping the area bird-free for a long period.
Institutional Bird Control - Magnor Ultra-Sonic

The international market is investing a fortune trying to deal with pigeons which have become a global epidemic. Many countries and cities devote huge budgets for innovative and experimental treatments to control pigeons. For example, Trafalgar Square in London, where over the last few years various methods were attempted, among which: the introduction of hawks for intimidation, spreading different substances in the area and forbidding the feeding of pigeons. Many squares around Europe face the same problem.
Pigeons have highly-developed learning abilities, helping them to overcome obstacles and the many attempts of removing them from their favorite nesting areas.
Pigeons have become a household nuisance, as they build their nests on roof tops, on top of AC motors, shafts etc. The business and agricultural sectors also suffer from pigeons, their litter, waste and the parasitetransmitted through their guano (pigeon droppings).
The Electronic Bird Control System, using motion detectors, is considered as one of the most efficient methods of pigeon control.
These detectors operate different elements for brief periods of time, chasing the pigeons away and preventing their ability to overcome the obstacle at handIn order to maximize the control, various electronic systems must be installed. The installation is done by certified technicians, adjusting the entire system to the contaminated area for maximum effect.

Pigeon control requires creativity and innovation, as the pigeons are known for their adaptation skills.
The electronic systems are made to prevent exactly that; by changing pulses and various devices, keeping the area pigeon-free for longer. A substantial advantage of the system is that it operates automatically, and fits very well in places that aredifficult to access, such as roof tops Magnor Electronic bird – Control is diligently working on its own new developments of systems to control pigeons as well as other pests and rodents.
The company tests various elements for removing and blocking, using different means and innovative materials.
The developments are all based on the principle of keeping the solution chemical and poison free, to prevent damage to either pigeons or humans.
Aesthetics is also taken into consideration when developing a new syste.

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